With no prizes for second place, being the successful bidder at Auction is crucial.

With 20 years of experience both buying and selling, and having attending 1000’s of Auctions, our founder Marcus Gould has taken the time to learn the secrets revealed to him directly from some of the world’s best Auctioneers. Marcus says:

 “I have refined an Auction bidding strategy so powerful that my clients are able to secure their dream purchase, even if other bidders have much more money to spend

During an Auction, competing bidders, spotters, even the Auctioneer will unwittingly give certain signals that indicate the correct time to strike. Seasoned Auctioneers have been left confused, bidders stunned and our clients winning. Perfectly timed techniques are deployed in symphony with certain, yet specific signals being displayed by the competing bidders, spotters and the Auctioneer, prior to our trademark ‘close’. Marcus says:

“You can watch what we do at Auction and try to copy, but you’ll only ever see our ‘close’ technique. Unfortunately, used on its own dramatically weakened its impact and can leave you somewhat embarrassed”.