Hi. Thanks for visiting SP. Property Buyers.

I’m Rowena Walton Co-Founder and Director of SP. Property.
My Co-Founder Marcus & I started SP. Property to support people like you, to share access to industry tools and resources, to share our real estate knowledge and relationships. So, you can be in full confidence of securing your perfect family home or investment property.

We understand real estate as it’s in our DNA. I grew up helping Dad renovate the family home and Marcus parents moved home so often that some people joke that they’ve been neighbours twice!

We understand you, as we are you. We’re home owners and property investors; we get the emotions involved and we know what’s at stake. It’s why we’ve made our services so affordable when compared to our peers.

Back in 2004 we both started out in real estate, neither of us knew what we were really getting into, we just both knew we loved property. Over the years we’ve owned our own agencies, had amazing times, a lot of fun, learnt great lessons and grateful for the ride.

We been involved in 1000’s of property transactions and we continue to grow, learn and empower. Our mission hasn’t changed, help those that want to be helped.

Wherever you are in your property journey we can help, book a call below. 

Meet the Team.

Marcus Gould

Having been immersed in the Real Estate industry for 20 years, with the last 7 years predominantly in the Buyer Agency sphere, Marcus, together

Jeremy Martin

Jeremy commenced his career in property on the Lower North Shore over 20 years ago. Over this time, he has built up a wealth of local knowledge

Peter Christian Sgouras

Senior Buyer Agent Peter Christian Sgouras is a results-driven individual who has been involved in real estate since 2009.  Peter has

William Carroll

William’s excellent communication skills and natural empathy for customer service makes him a great representative of SP Property Buyers.

Rowena Walton

With over 30 years’ experience in property in both the UK and Australia, Rowena brings a wealth of knowledge to the real estate industry from

Josh Morehead

Josh has spent over half of his life within the finance industry – the beginning of his career as a financial planner within his family

Andrew Fulepp

Andrew Fulepp has over 50 years’ experience in accounting and commerce.

His business career includes senior accounting positions with Nestle,

Over 25 years of experience

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