Buyers Agent Fees & Charges.

At Sp. we consistently aim to be the most transparent Buyers Agency in Sydney, and we don’t believe in hidden fees either. Therefore, what you see is what you get.

Our competitors typically charge an expensive Engagement Fee, and then a high percentage fee of the purchase price upon an Unconditional Exchange. This can range anywhere between 1.5% – 2.2% + GST. Firstly this doesn’t make any sense, as the more you pay for a property, the higher the fee becomes, it should be the other way around if anything! There simply is no financial incentive for the Buyer’s Agent to secure the property for the least amount of money possible, in fact it encourages them to pay more. Secondly, it’s wildly expensive so for many years it’s held back the popularity of the service.

We offer 1 service, A full and complete service:

A complimentary, confidential Discovery of your Brief and full assessment

Physically inspect properties as soon as possible and before the general public

Comprehensive analysis and due diligence of target properties and neighbouring homes

Organise building, pest and/or strata inspection

Liaise with your conveyancer/solicitor regarding contract terms and conditions

Execute bespoke negotiation and secure unconditional exchange of property (or professional bidding service at Auction)

Pre settlement inspection check & Settlement day attendance

Includes “Off-Market and Pre-Market” searches and all “On Market” properties

VIP access to properties before they ‘go live’.

Fee Schedule.

Property PriceEngagement FeeSuccess FeeCompetitors Fees
Properties up to $2,000,000$995 + GST$14,995 + GST$30,000 + GST
$2,000,001 - $3,000,000$995 + GST$19,995 + GST$45,000 + GST
$3,000,001 - $4,000,000$995 + GST$24,995 + GST$60,000 + GST
$4,000,001 - $6,000,000$995 + GST$39,995 + GST$90,000 + GST
$6,000,001 - $8,000,000$1995 + GST$59,995 + GST$120,000 + GST
Properties $8,000,001 +$1995 + GST$79,995 + GST>$120,000 + GST