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A&N having never lived in Sydney, A&N put their full trust in our expertise. We drove them around Sydney, explaining the differences between suburbs and the positives and minuses of each. They wanted a modern family home with a minimum of 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, space for 2 cars and ideally with a pool. Within 45 minutes’ drive from Strathfield for work, set in a quiet, safe location. This was a 5 year plan for A&N.

Purchase Price: 3,000,000


“We were nervous about buying a property in the Sydney market because we were not familiar with its suburbs and also found the auction process very intimidating. Even before we arrived in Sydney, Marcus helped us narrow our focus on what we really wanted - from commuting distance to local amenities and even the style and details of the house. We wanted a lot - home, garden, easy access to work and all that Sydney has to offer, but also a good mid-to-long term investment. The market was rapidly heating up and we were concerned about panic buying or over paying, however Marcus’ local knowledge and expertise ensured that we always felt in control and knew the true merits and market value of every property we considered. He found us many lovely houses to view, and would meet us there to walk-through and get our thoughts and feedback so that he built up a detailed knowledge of what we were looking for. He also was a reassuring source of information on the positives and potential negatives of each property. When we found a house that ticked all of our boxes, his expertise in communicating and co-ordinating with the selling agents really paid off, as he negotiated a pre-auction sale for us with perfect timing and for the perfect price. I am still amazed to think that all of this happened in less than 2 months from when we started working with SP - they made it all so straightforward. We could never have achieved our new home without SP, and for that reason I highly recommend them.”

Ann Harrison